Thursday, September 27, 2012


2012 has been a busy year for the Solomon Islands.  The Queens Birthday and Jubilee in June, the Festival of the Pacific Arts in July,  the 70th commemoration of the Marines landing on Red Beach during WWII on the 7th of August and now the royal visit of William and Kate in September.  We lined up on the side of the road with thousands of Solomon Islanders as the Royals arrived on the 16th of Sept.  We had a good view of the "war canoe/truck" that transported the Royals from the airport to the Heritage Hotel.

I really should have zoomed the camera, but I think that I was too excited! LOL

The next day after we had picked up Elder Hamula and President and Sister Brewer at the airport, we were checking them into the hotel and William and Kate came through the breeze way on their way to a press conference and we were able to see them up close!  It was great, they were very warm and nice.  Such a striking couple!!!

                       So cool!  We could have touched them.  But of course we wouldn't!  LOL

Only in The Solomon Islands do things like this happen!!

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