Saturday, September 8, 2012


As we left for our mission, some of our family and friends said that they would love to come and visit.  Brice our oldest son and his wife Adie, said that they would come in March.  We were so excited for them to visit us.  We planned their visit around the 25th anniversary of the dedication of the Solomon Islands for the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They purchased their tickets and we and they both planned and talked and were so excited for the visit.  About 1 week before they were scheduled to come, Brice got really ill.  The Doctor advised that he not travel to a 3rd world country with his condition.  Lots of tears later (both on our part and Brice and Adie's), we all decided that the trip should be cancelled.  Brice had to have an operation and some recovery time, as it turned out.  Well, they re-scheduled for August 14 to the 21st.  As the time got closer, we got more and more and more excited.  We thought the day would never come, but finally August 14th arrived.  As we were waiting and waiting to go to the airport to pick them up, Ken said "I'm so excited, I feel like it's Christmas. My stomach is churning and churning!" (Those who know Ken, can appreciate that this was a really big deal, as he rarely gets too worked up about events)  LOL Cheryle on the other hand had been teary for months every time she thought about the visit!

We arrived just in time to see the plane coming in to land. We then went to the viewing deck to watch the plane taxi down the runway and to the terminal.  We waved wildly, knowing that they wouldn't see us.  But, they DID!!!

That's us, acting like we couldn't contain our joy!  (Because, we couldn't)  We were soooo excited!

Brice holding Adie's hand as they leave the plane.

Happy, happy faces!  They are here in the Solomon's at last!!!

On the way home form the airport we stopped at the Honiara Hot Bread.

We took them home and after they unpacked Cheryle served American food for dinner.  Hamburgers, potato salad, chips, watermelon, pineapple, and brownies and ice cream!  Yum!!

They brought us a whole suitcase full of supplies and goodies from home.  Wow, it was just like Christmas morning!!!!

On Wednesday morning we drove west up the coast to see the sites and show off our Island. 

Brice and Adie did a little snorkeling.

We found a huge star fish and lots of pretty shells.

During the day we visited an out door WWII museum with old airplanes, artillery etc.

On the way home we stopped to take a picture of the local Laundromat.

We finished the drive by stopping at our favorite place to eat lunch, the Lime Lounge.  While there we were able to introduce Brice and Adie to Judy and Maury Kirchner, our walking partner and her husband, Keithie Saunders (the American Consular Agent), her husband, Sir Bruce Saunders (a knight of the British Empire) and were also able to see the Prime Ministers wife.  Where else other than the Solomon Islands could you eat lunch with that many important people.

Thursday, we drove to the other end of the Island.  The palm oil plantations are amazing with trees planted in perfect rows that go on for what seems like forever.
The drive up to the mine at Gold Ridge is one of our favorites because of these beautiful plantations.

Oil palm fruit kernels

Oil palm fruits harvested and ready to pick up.

Coming home we stopped at the famous Red Beach.  This is the first beach where the American Marines landed on  the 7th of August 1942.

A piece of Caterpillar track left on the beach from WWII

Friday we headed out for Auki, Malaita on the Express Pelican.  The roughest boat ride any of us have ever been on, lots of praying and white knuckles.  Felt a little like being in a Jaredite boat, sometimes on top of the waves and sometimes underneath them.

Unloading the freight that we brought with us.

After checking in at the hotel, we picked up our car, put fuel in it, and drove to Fauabu. We took some bulletin boards with us to install at the clinic to complete our Humanitarian Project from last December.

Twenty nine kilometers later with Ken driving our rented Rav Four we arrive at the Fauabu Clinic.

Brice and Ken installing one of the bulletin boards with Father Michael looking on to make sure it is level.

This new mom had just given birth.  The maternity ward has few comforts, no mattresses etc.

This pikinini has malaria and her Mom is walking with her holding the IV bag.

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