Sunday, September 9, 2012


One of the main reasons for this visit to Malaita was to call a new Fauabu Branch Presidency. 

While Ken was calling the new Branch Presidency, Brice, Adie and Cheryle were enjoying this beautiful part of Malaita.

Missionaries house

Fauabu bush Chapel built by the missionaries

The new Fauabu Branch Presidency
from left:
Clerk Simon Peter
2nd Counselor Hudson Kwale
Branch President Nathan Bata
1st Counselor Barnbus Iro

Ken correcting membership records, always correcting memberships!!!!!

Our rented car had just one problem, the people here love their tinted windows.  Or should we say blacked out windows.   Yes all of them, the sides, rear and the windshield were all so heavily tinted that you could not see out except for the lower 1/4 of the windshield.  We didn't think Ken would ever be able to stand up again after driving.  We all felt like we had been in a cave for the hours drive back to Auki.

We played games and visited in our hotel room in the Rarasu Motel, the BEST place in town.

We left Auki at 8am Saturday morning.  Don't let the calm harbor fool you, it was another very rough crossing back to Honiara.
We arrived in time for a baptism after which some of the members showed Brice and Adie how to "pick" and prepare drinking coconuts.

Our neighbor handed us a fresh bunch of bananas from his tree.

A huge bunch of bananas on a tree here on the Church property.

Brice took this picture of our house looking east.  Our house has the blue roof.  We planted the small coconut tree on the far right.  The enclosure in front of the Land Cruiser is the standby generator.  The white roof behind our house is the Chapel.

Monday we visited the American WWII memorial......

Ken pointing out where some of the battles were fought.....

the Post Office......

the Kokonut Cafe where we were treated to an ice cream eating demonstration by a local pikinini.....

All too soon it was Tuesday and time for Brice and Adie to catch their flight home.

A final wave and they were gone......

It was a great week to share the Solomons with Brice and Adie.  We are so grateful for their sacrifice in coming, and miss them so much.  (Cheryle is still teary, but she mostly quit crying after a few days)

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