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Last November when Elder Hamula visited the Solomon Islands to create the Honiara Solomon Islands District, we, with Elder and Sister Hamula and Pres. and Sister Fata, had a chance meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo at a restaurant in Honiara.  During the conversation Elder Hamula explained that we were living here in Honiara for 2 years.  The Prime Minister invited us to visit with him in his office about the Church, our humanitarian projects, and the missionary work in the nation.  We have tried since that time on many occasions to meet with him.  We became good friends with his personal secretary, but never could manage to get an appointment to meet with him.  During the year, we spoke with him at several social events and each time he would invite us to come to see him again.  

Knowing that Elder Hamula was coming again to the Solomon Islands in September, and that he had asked if it would be possible to him to meet with the Prime Minister again, we made one last attempt to set up an appointment.  Through a series of small miracles late one afternoon, we walked past 5 police security guards who were there to protect the Prime Minister without a question being asked, right up to his personal secretary's office.  Seeing her on the telephone, we paused in the hallway.  Almost immediately the door across the hall opened and the Prime Minister stood looking at us.  He asked if we were there to talk to him and we explained that we were just there to make an appointment to see him.  He had an appointment with the ambassitor from the Phillipines right then and said that his secretary would make an appointment for us as soon as she finished her phone call.  A few minutes latter she finished her call and said "He KNOWS you!"  (as she had witnessed our exchange with the PM)  We asked if there was any time open on Wednesday morning because we knew that was the only time Elder Hamula had available.  She looked and said, "Yes, how is 8:30 am."  This was perfect.

To make this long story short, we accompanied Elder Hamula and President and Sister Brewer to the Prime Minister's office Wednesday morning and enjoyed a short visit with him.  Elder Hamula presented him with a porcelin figure of a family in prayer.  He was very warm and cordial and showed interest in the Church, our beliefs, and what the Church is doing in the Solomon Islands.

Elder Hamula, Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo, President and Sister Brewer

We left feeling humble and grateful for the Lord's hand in our missionary work.  We had truly experienced miracles this week and have firm testimonies that the Lord prepares the way for His servants.  

Newspaper article printed in Solomon Star:


September 18, 2012


On September 18, 2012 Elder James J. Hamula, President of the Pacific Area, of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints visited the Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo, in the Prime Minister’s office.  Elder Hamula was accompanied by newly called Vanuatu, Port Vila Mission President, Larry E. Brewer and his wife Maryanne.  The Solomon Islands are part of the newly created Vanuatu, Port Vila Mission.    


Elder Hamula presented the Prime Minister with a porcelain figurine of a family reading the scriptures.  He spoke of the Church’s emphasis on families and important influence that the gospel of Jesus Christ has in families, the basic unit of society.   The Prime Minister agreed that strong families lift and build the nation and that the teachings of Jesus Christ bring peace.  He expressed gratitude for the positive things that the Church is doing in the Solomon Islands.  Prime Minister Lilo spoke of his desire for unity and prosperity in the Nation.    


The Prime Minister has made it a practice of visiting many different church services in the Solomon Islands during his time in office.  Elder Hamula extended an invitation to the Prime Minister to attend the Honiara Solomon Islands District Conference to be held in November.    


The tone of the meeting was warm and cordial as they shared their common beliefs.  The Prime Minister stated that he welcomes the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Solomon Islands and welcomes missionaries to serve here in the nation wherever the church desires.  



Solomon Islands Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo and Elder James J. Hamula

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