Tuesday, October 23, 2012


In April we were able to download General Conference on the internet and then show it to the members just 2 weeks after the meetings were held.  We decided that it worked so well we would show October Conference just 1 week after it occurred in Salt Lake City.  So up at 2 am to start the 5 hour process of downloading a 2 hour session of conference.

179 Solomon Islanders watching a 32 inch TV and enjoying every minute of the conference session.

139 stayed to watch the afternoon session at 1 pm.

We even used our kitchen chairs and bar stools to accommodate the crowd.

We all have our method of staying awake during meetings, this young boy practiced his weaving skills.

We sent some of our pictures to the public affairs director for the Area office in New Zealand.  He wrote an article and posted it on the Pacific Area News Room on the Church web site.

We are so happy that the Saints were blessed to see and hear the leaders of the Church again during this fall session of conference.

Miracles do happen and technology is wonderful!

Sunday, October 14, 2012


In the spring when we found out that the Solomon Islands would be part of the new Vanuatu Port Vila Mission, we wondered if we might ever get the chance to visit Vanuatu.  When President and Sister Brewer came to the Solomons two weeks ago to visit Malaita, Gizo, and to hold Zone Conference, he told us that he was going to bring us to Port Vila to meet the couples in the Mission office and receive some training.  Sister Brewer picked us up at the airport and took us to the Mission Home.

We were able to visit with Brother James, the security guard at the Mission home.  He served in the Papua New Guinea/Solomon Islands Mission and was serving as Branch President in the Burns Creek Branch when we arrived in the Solomons last year.

Each morning we went out the gate and started our 3 mile walk.  We enjoyed the beautiful Island and the wonderful cooler weather.

The views are amazing

This huge house is one that executives stay at while working in Port Vila

Wednesday afternoon President and Sister Brewer took us on a tour around the entire Island on a nice paved road.
We visited the Church buildings, beaches, jungle, and enjoyed the beauty of the Island.

This building was just erected on this new site.  The Branch that used to meet in it on another part of the Island just had a beautiful new building built.  They took this one down, moved it to the other side of the Island and put it back up as a service project for this small branch.

This very old pig was doing guard duty for the building.

                                        The color of the ocean and the waves were spectacular!

A bit windy but we had fun trying out new hair dos.

We're not quite sure what the fruit on this tree is.  Someone told us it was a Noni tree, but all we know is that it's not a pineapple.

Friday night we were invited to a couples activity at one of the branches.

Saturday evening we enjoyed a Senior Missionary dinner at the Mission Home.  It was great to get to know the other couples, the Chynoweths, (office couple), the Mortensens, (President Brewers counselor) and the  Wallaces, (he is in charge of missionary housing and vehicles and she is the mission nurse). 

Sunday we attended church at the "Numba Won Branch" in Port Vila.
They have a beautiful, big building and a large, strong branch.

Many of the Vanuatu Sisters wear the traditional "Island dresses"

Port Vila is a popular cruise ship stop.  There are many tourists on the streets.

President and Sister Brewer were so good to us and we really enjoyed our week with them.  They made us feel at home and a part of the Mission.