Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Day Fun

May 1st, the Solomon Island Zone explored the east side of Guadalcanal.
Our P Day excursion started early with everyone excited to see the island beyond Honiara.

We drove past the large palm oil plantations.  Beautiful palms planted years ago in long straight rows.
The view of the mountain behind Gold Ridge in the background.

The road continued on, but Sister Mitchell declared this to be the end when we came to our first river crossing and she said we had gone far enough.
Elder Mitchell wanted to "wash" the tires, but wisdom prevailed.

The Olympic rock skipping competition begins

Elders Measi, Ifuna'au, Haura, Mauigoa, Mitchell, Sikuea, Paulus, Thomas, and Osara

We stopped at Red Beach where the US forces landed first on Guadalcanal on 07 August 1942
Here our "Troups" run up the beach

Zone Leaders
Elder Mauigoa and Elder Sikuea

Sister Mitchell with the west end of Red Beach in the background

Today, Red Beach is a much more peaceful place as is indicated by the GUDFRENZ canteen

Everyone had such a good time we all voted to do this more often.
(Our first activity for the entire Zone)

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