Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Through a series of Miracles the members of the Chruch in the Solomon Islands were able to view two sessions of General Conference just 2 weeks after it occured in Salt Lake City.  This may not sound like a miracle to you, but many members of the Church here had never before seen more than a still photo of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. 

With technical advice received via skype from Scott and T.J., we were able to download the sessions from LDS.org less than 24 hours after they were broadcast.  Our little Dell laptop worked in rythmn with our ADSL internet connection.  Downloads worked best in the middle of the night when the speeds were fastest and in 5 hours we could download a full session to our 16 GB usb drive!!!

At the 10am session there were 164 in attendance.  Between sessions families found shade under the trees and enjoyed a snack they brought from home. 112 stayed to view the 1pm session.  

We were so happy that so many attended and that this miracle was available to the Saints here in the Solomons.  The spirit was so strong and all were edified by the messages of the conference sessions.

  President Sauseru and President Mitchell
welcoming the members

The goal now is to show October General Conference just 1 week after it occurs in Salt Lake City!

This week, our assignment has been to visit many of the schools in Honiara and pay a large portion of the school fees for the member children.  A very generous member of the Church provides the funds necessary to help members in the Pacific educate their children.  What a blessing this is to the people of the Solomon Islands.  We are sure the Lord has special blessings for one who is willing to provide such a needed gift.

Education is very expensive here and even though families are extremely poor, they must pay large school fees or their children cannot attend school.

This is a secondary or high school class.  We just had to take this picture for the blog.  Classrooms are not what we are used to back home.  No electricity, no air conditioning, no fans, no window glass, no teacher desk, and just a bull horn for a PA system.  Most have no computer in the office, and of course none in the classrooms. 

We have been waiting anxiously for packages that the family had sent weeks ago.  Well, on lucky Friday the 13th, we got 4 packages!!  They were all sent between March 5th and March 20th. All arrived on the same day!!!  We did a happy dance all the way home. Wow, everything we have ever wanted and more, just arrived.  
What a haul!!!

Early, every Sunday morning as we are taking the Elders to White River Branch for their meetings, we drive past Honiara Hot Bread and notice the long lines waiting for the bakery to open.  This Sunday it was 6:30am and look at the line.  Just for Jeny, may we say,

"No bread for you!!!!!"

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