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On May 10th we left Honiara on our final trip to Papua New Guinea for Coordinating Council Meeting with Elder Vinson and District Presidents Training with President Fata.  We feel so fortunate to have been in Papua New Guinea three different times.  We were told when we received our mission call that we would never be able to go there because the Church does not feel it is not safe for Americans.  Pres. Fata was confident of our safety and we have driven all around Port Moresby by our selves without incident.  What a blessing it has been to see this beautiful country.  Yes it is dangerous, but we take precautions, traveling during daylight hours etc.  Of course Elder Mitchell drives very aggressively anyway and that is how it is done in PNG.  If someone was to stop or block your way, you are instructed to use the bush bumper and push them out of the way, no stopping, and never get out of the vehicle while traveling.

The Airways hotel above the hangers at the airport as we arrive in Papua New Guinea

Sister Vinson accompanied Elder Vinson to PNG for the first time.  Elder and Sister Snow took the Sisters to one of the Chapels to see the beautiful view.  

Sister Mitchell, Sister Snow, Sister Vinson


Our Elders who have served with us in the Solomon Islands pose at the Gabutu Stake Center in PNG
after a wonderful fireside given by Elder and Sister Vinson.

Sunday was Mothers Day, and the Elders at the 
Mission compound honored the sisters by making a video,
singing Mother's Day songs and presenting
them with a cake.


Elder Kukuna, Sister Fata, Sister Snow, Sister Vinson,
Sister Mitchell, Sister Tonamaepia, and Sister Tarawhiti
cut the cake.

Sunday evening we were treated to a great dinner in the
Mission home.  Even though it was Mother's Day,
each of the Sisters helped provide a delicious meal
for everyone to enjoy.

Notice the picture on the wall, it is Sister Mitchell's all time
favorite of the Savior with a little Pikinini.

Our little apartment at Gabutu where we stayed for
 the week.  All three times while in PNG we have
  stayed at this flat, but for the first time we were
                     alone, no rat!!

 This sign at an intersection in PNG is in pigeon.
Translation: "Use the head belong you, no can spit!"
           Or, "Use your head, no spitting"
            This refers to spitting betel nut.

Tuesday evening President and Sister Fata treated us Senior Couples and Elder Roberts of the Seventy who had come to preside at a District Conference to a very nice Japanese resturant. 

Elder Roberts, Sister and Elder White, Sister and President Tarawhiti enjoying the meal.

Sister and Elder Tonameapia
(Elder Tonameapia baptised President Fata many years ago in Samoa, and now he is serving in President Fata's Mission.)

Elder and Sister Snow on their second mission as
Public Affairs and Humanitarian missionaries.

The picture taking was as much fun as eating the food!

Elder Mitchell raised the Papua New Guinea flag while the Elders sang the
national anthem.
Elder and Sister Mitchell were then honored by being asked to raise the American and Solomon Island

The Elders living in the Mission compound pose with Senior Missionaries 

President Fata, Elder Ah Chong, AP, Sister and Elder Mitchell and Elder Rokosolo, AP

Our last picture with President and Sister Fata as
we leave Papua New Guinea to fly back to the Solomons

President and Sister Fata will complete their mission on June 30th.  The Solomon Islands will move to the new Vanuatu Port Vila Mission on July 1st.  We have really enjoyed our time in the Papua New Guinea Mission and look forward to be part of the new Vanuatu Mission.

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