Thursday, May 10, 2012

Second Solomon Island District Conference

The Second Solomon Island District Conference was held the 5th and 6th of May 2012.  President Fata presided, Sister Fata, the AP's, Finance Elders, and Elder and Sister Snow, all flew into Honiara to participate in the conference. 

Pres. Fata treated the happy, hungry Elders and Senior Missionaries to dinner Friday night at his favorite Honiara Chinese Restaurant.

Saturday morning training for Priesthood leaders began at 10am in the Chapel while Sisters Fata, Mitchell, and Snow trained the women auxiliary leaders in our living room.  Fifteen Sisters were invited and thirty two attended!

Following the training, the Adult session of the Conference was held.

After that meeting a celebration and farewell party for the Fata's commenced.

Everyone enjoyed eating, dancing and singing

White River young women preform a native dance 

Honiara Sisters

The party wasn't complete until the Elders performed the Hakka!

Sister Fata even performed a Samoan dance with a little help from the Samoan Elders.

A great evening of celebration

Sunday Morning the final session of Conference was held and a Spiritual feast was enjoyed as the members
 filled the Chapel and spilled onto the grass.

   Monday morning came all too soon and it was time for the Fata's to leave the Solomons for the last time.

Good Bye, President and Sister Fata.  We love you!

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