Friday, March 29, 2013


When we received our mission call, our friends, Dan and Jeannie Evans, promised us that they would come to visit us.  They came last week and we had such fun showing them what our life is like here. 
Every morning they got up at 5:30 am to walk with us and Judy, our walking partner, here in the Solomons.  Dan took this picture.
We visited the United States WWII memorial
Black Sands beach at the west end of the Island
Hunting for shells and coral
Catching a wave!
 Looking for Jeannie's lost flip flop
Soo many shells, soo many waves, oh, soo wet!!

Sisters having lots of fun!!
Mangrove trees growing right in the ocean

Beautiful view of Savo Island

Dugout canoe on the beach
Dan and Ken folding the wing of a WWII Wildcat fighter at the outdoor Vilu Museum
 Checking out the Browning 50 caliber machine guns in the wing of the Cobra fighter
We were just in time for the dolphin show while we ate lunch at the Kokonut Cafe

 A day at the oil palm plantations with gold ridge in the background
Worker harvesting palm oil pods with a knife at the end of a 40 foot pole 
Harvested palm oil pods ready to be picked up and hauled to the processing plant
Red beach
Shopping for jewelery at the Main Market
Early at the market before the crowds arrive
All too soon, it was time to fill out declaration cards for the flight home

What great friends we have, who sacrificed their time and money to come all the way here to visit us. 
We had such a fun week!!

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