Tuesday, October 23, 2012


In April we were able to download General Conference on the internet and then show it to the members just 2 weeks after the meetings were held.  We decided that it worked so well we would show October Conference just 1 week after it occurred in Salt Lake City.  So up at 2 am to start the 5 hour process of downloading a 2 hour session of conference.

179 Solomon Islanders watching a 32 inch TV and enjoying every minute of the conference session.

139 stayed to watch the afternoon session at 1 pm.

We even used our kitchen chairs and bar stools to accommodate the crowd.

We all have our method of staying awake during meetings, this young boy practiced his weaving skills.

We sent some of our pictures to the public affairs director for the Area office in New Zealand.  He wrote an article and posted it on the Pacific Area News Room on the Church web site.

We are so happy that the Saints were blessed to see and hear the leaders of the Church again during this fall session of conference.

Miracles do happen and technology is wonderful!

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