Friday, August 24, 2012

Measles Campaign

STARTING JUNE 1ST OF THIS YEAR, the Solomon Islands kicked off their measles and rubella immunization campaign.  The Church is not recognized on this tee shirt, but millions of dollars are donated to provide immunizations for children in undeveloped areas of the world. 

Elder and Sister Tolley, a Senior Missionary Couple from Salem, Utah, had the assignment to come to the Solomons to help with this campaign.  They help with whatever is needed from megaphones to church member volunteers who assist in national campaigns through out the world.

They have been helping with this Church Humanitarian Initiative for five years and have traveled all over the world to help eradicate measles and rubella.

The Tolleys were not scheduled to arrive in Honiara in time for the kick off of the campaign and asked Cheryle and I to do some of the preliminary work.  We attended the kick off.  As we were some of the first to arrive we jumped in and helped blow up balloons.  You know what?  We found out that is one of our talents!! 

The kickoff ceremony was carried live on the national radio station and filmed by the television station.  About five minutes before the meeting started the MC approached Cheryle and I and said the Minister who was scheduled to pray had not arrived and would one of us feel comfortable praying?  I said sure, Cheryle will do that, but I was over ruled and gave the prayer.  It was an honor to invoke the Lords blessings on the important work that was beginning here in the Solomon Islands.  We met many important people that were involved in this effort.

Dr, Juliet Fleischl from the World Health Organization

Dr. Divi Ogaoga director of Pediatric and Neonatal Care for the Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands Director of UNICEF

This little Pikinini will be happy for the rest of his life that he is protected from measles.
Trust me, he will!!

Training meeting for volunteers held in the Honiara Chapel

Members from Honiara who volunteered to assist with the campaign.

Malaita members also donated many hours of help.

Lynn and Myrna Tolley are such great people.  We learned so much from them and their example of  providing such great help in the immunization effort here and though out the world.  Since there were no accommodations available in Honiara, they stayed at our house with us during the campaign.  We became great friends and it was such a joy to have them stay with us.  We consider them as family, in fact we now call our spare room, the "Tolley Bedroom". 

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