Monday, June 18, 2012

Five leave.........Five stay!!!!!

Sad Saturday, 16 June 2012, we took five of our Elders to the Airport and sent them back to Papua New Guinea.  All  five of the Solomon Island Elders will remain with us here in Honiara awaiting the new mission.  The new Mission President will surely send us additional elders soon.

All ten Elders with our security guard Eric

Elders Sikeau, Paulus, Thomas, Osara, and Mauigoa ready to board the plane. 

Elders Haura, Wanabana, Ifuna'au, Ifuna'au, and Measi-our native Solomon Islanders

The members always turn out in force when missionaries leave.  There's always lots of emotion and tears, they love the missionaries!

We always have each Elder that serves in the Solomons sign a big white sheet with their name and where they are from.

Some of our elders with three prospective
 missionaries, Alystin, Hubert, and Daniel.

We will really miss these good missionaries, but know that they will be a great help to Papua New Guinea as they complete their two year missions. 

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